About Us

At the 1-2-1 Group, we provide services that helps businesses to grow, and create wealth for the owners.

Established in 2002, we started out providing bookkeeping services to local customers but soon developed into the group of companies we are today. We found that due to the quality of service we provided at an affordable price our clients wanted us to provide a wider range of services. We now have three companies in the group, 1-2-1 Accountancy (UK) Ltd, 1-2-1 Bookkeeping (UK) Ltd and 1-2-1 Payroll Solutions (UK) Ltd. Each company has trained individuals in there pacific areas to ensure the highest quality of service for our customers.

Our focus on creating a partnership with clients, rooted in mutual trust.  Our services provide the foundations and from this we create an integrated programme of assistance, utilising a powerful array of in house resources.

Over the past 13 years, we have grown rapidly due to the quality services we provide at an affordable price.
We can offer all types of payment structures for our services to help you manage your finances in the best possible way.  These range from ‘Pay as go’ methods where you pay by the hour or a monthly, quarterly or yearly payment plan to spread the costs for larger companies.

We cover all of the West Midlands area. Either onsite or offsite work can be accommodated to suit your business requirements. For further details and a tailor-made quotation please contact us